Theme: Culture of Achievement
Organization Level: Classroom
Critical elements: Teachers in the district/system believe that preparing all students for success in college and careers is an essential and attainable goal. This college- and career-bound mindset is central to all communication with parents and students about academic and behavior expectations. In their classrooms, teachers strive to create a community of scholars characterized by respect, persistence, personal responsibility, and a desire to cultivate knowledge in themselves and others.
Practice: Promote the school’s academic community by maintaining college and career expectations, a collaborative professional culture, and a growth mindset among students.

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CriteriaLess Effective PracticesSuccess Factors for Meeting State StandardsSuccess Factors for College and Career Readiness
Messaging About College

The purpose of a lesson is not communicated to students. Teachers rarely refer to the over-arching goals of their instruction.

Teachers lessons are transparent; the objectives for classroom activities are clearly stated so that students can understand how the lesson connects to standards and furthers their academic achievement.

Teachers communicate the college and career readiness mission on a daily basis, for example, by tying lesson objectives to skills and content needed for success in college and careers.

College & Career-Ready Skills

Teachers are only accountable for the content and skills explicitly stated for their subject area or grade.

Teachers participate fully in the schools program to develop far-ranging college and career ready skills and work habits and then incorporate these skills and habits into their curriculum and classroom activities.

Teachers not only instruct students in the college and career ready skills and content specified for their subject area, but all teachers, all subjects, reinforce college and career ready skills through their content.

Work Ethic

Teachers in the district/system feel beleaguered or apologetic about assigning challenging work.

Educators believe that all students can master the district/systems academic standards, and they communicate this belief in their classrooms by challenging students to learn, grow, and strive for excellence.

Teachers are purposeful and transparent regarding their high expectations for student learning and the challenges associated with the college and career ready mission. They encourage and celebrate hard work, effort, and persistence toward college and career readiness, including homework, learning structures beyond school facilities, etc.

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